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added 25.1.2010

On the Internet there are unfortunately a lot of sites that promise the creation of the Internet, or web pages for free. Although it appears

added 5.11.2009

Christmas is coming and thus nadělování gifts. It is clear that the greatest joy we want to do the smallest, youngest, respectively, ie children. And we all began to look for toys.

added 4.11.2009

Again began a period when the tire retailers compete in advertising to attract the attention of all drivers. Yes, again came the time when you přezují drivers accountable for winter tires. The purchase of tires are offered with great discounts ...

added 2.11.2009

The first fish I ever caught a perch. I was then seven years old and my grandfather, we went to the Elbe. It was in Čelákovice, where we then had a chat. I'm fishing with a completely new ticket as an entirely new laminate stick. Grandpa with his rods and me "on his neck".